Healthy Baby Roadmap

Helping your child have a bright, healthy future starts before they are born.

The Healthy Baby Roadmap is designed to help you beat the 1:2 odds of having a child with a chronic illness before you even begin to welcome a baby into your family.

And our 4-month 1:1 collaboration ensures you get truly personalized support along the way.

It can be a scary time to have a child.

We all know someone, whether it is our little one, or a loved one’s child, who suffers from a health challenge. One out of every two children today has some form of chronic illness. And research shows that Mom and Dad’s environment, lifestyle, nutrition, and health history have a powerful influence on their child’s future wellness.

Just imagine. . .

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We'll uncover your goals

You’ll walk away from our Intake Meeting with a clear understanding of your unique modifiable risk factors, a strategy for getting the additional information you need, and an easy-to-understand action plan to start reducing your baby’s risk.


We'll examine your progress

During our Follow-up, we’ll review any lab results, recap your wins, and explore solutions for areas where you feel challenged.


We'll Build on what we've learned

Our Review Meetings are designed to build on your progress, continue to add resources to your HBR toolkit and plan the next phase of your journey. When our time together is done.

Call me Vicki

Victoria Kobliner, MS RD

As a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist specializing in functional nutrition, my career has been devoted to guiding families with chronically ill children to navigate the clinical, nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle changes they can make to optimize their child’s life and enhance their family experience.

In the face of an epidemic of asthma, allergies, pediatric anxiety and depression, eczema, autism, ADHD, and other challenges, there’s so much families don’t know about their options. Every day I saw families suffer as they poured immense love, time, and money into the work of healing suffering children, and the common question was “why”.

  • Why didn’t someone tell me there were clues in my medical history?
  • Why wasn’t I told that a C-section can increase my baby’s risk? And what I could have done to address it?
  • Why did they tell me all prenatal vitamins were the same?
  • Why didn’t I learn that infant reflux or eczema can be a hint of deeper issues?
  • Why…why…why….
Because people often look at you (especially as a woman), your health, and your family plan, through a single lens. They don’t always consider the whole person. I’ve spent decades studying how medical history, environment, nutrition, and lifestyle can affect fertility, pregnancy, growth and development, and overall health and wellness.  
I’ve created the Healthy Baby Roadmap program to help you uncover underlying digestive, immune, genetic, and nutritional challenges that can interfere with your best efforts.

Are you ready to take a more comprehensive look at the factors that are putting your family at risk?

happy customers

M. L.


Vicki has been outstanding, with game-changing ideas from our very first conversation. She is incredibly knowledgeable on every topic I bring up, not just superficially but with real scientific understanding and the rare ability among nutritionists, in my experience, to make connections and deduce the root cause of symptoms and patterns. She is an excellent listener, capable of readily synthesizing a LOT. When we talk I feel I have Vicki’s full attention, and she’s attuned not just professionally but also in an appropriate, personal way to our case, which makes her an even better listener and just feels supportive and right, given the depth of the issues at stake.

K. B.


I have been so very fortunate to have Vicki’s guidance and support through my pregnancy. At 45, after suffering for over fifteen years of infertility and loss, I am confident that Vicki’s approach with nutrition and supplements has made all the different in the success of my natural pregnancy. Vicki provided invaluable and timely guidance on additional supplements needed for my specific autoimmune condition that my traditional doctor didn’t mention until it was far too late to make a difference. I will forever be grateful for finding Vicki and partnering together on my pregnancy and health journey.

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