Becoming a Client

New Patients

Thank you for your interest in our practice. Please click the “New Patient Registration” link below for appropriate questionnaires and office forms.  The initial visit is approximately one hour to one and a half hours long whether in the office or over the telephone.   Once you have registered you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

We respect the commitment, time and resources that patients devote to their treatment and want to make sure that our practice will be a good fit for you or your child before you schedule an appointment. Completing the comprehensive registration forms in advance allows more time for productive discussion during our visit. Prior to your consultation, your information will be reviewed thoroughly and a preliminary protocol will be in place before you arrive. During the initial consultation, as more is learned, this plan will be revised and modified to best suit you or your child’s needs.

At the first visit, functional laboratory testing may be recommended to aid in assessing the underlying cause of health problems. Along with diet and lifestyle changes, appropriate vitamins, minerals, herbs, and/or specific supplement formulations will be recommended.
Functional lab testing may include, but is not limited to test evaluating GI function , food sensitivities, hormones, amino acids, vitamins/minerals, organic acids, adrenal function, and/or endocrine function.

New Patient Registration